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Didier Deschamps to Remain France Manager Despite UEFA Euro 2024 Semi-Final Exit


Philippe Diallo Supports Deschamps Amid Criticism

Philippe Diallo, the President of the French Football Federation, has addressed the future of Didier Deschamps following France’s UEFA Euro 2024 semi-final defeat to Spain. The 2018 World Cup-winning manager has faced scrutiny after France, one of the pre-tournament favourites, was knocked out by Spain with a 2-1 loss.

France’s Disappointing UEFA Euro 2024 Campaign

France’s exit from Euro 2024 has led to questions about Deschamps’ performance as head coach. Despite having a star-studded squad, France has failed to win another major competition since their 2018 World Cup triumph. This latest defeat has intensified the debate over whether Deschamps is the right person to lead the team forward.

Diallo’s Vote of Confidence

In an interview with L’Equipe, Philippe Diallo expressed his support for Deschamps, confirming that the 55-year-old will remain in his position until at least the end of his current contract, which runs until 2026. Diallo emphasized Deschamps’ past successes and his confidence in the manager’s ability to continue leading the team.

Deschamps’ Track Record

Deschamps has had a successful tenure as France’s head coach. Under his leadership, the team reached the final of Euro 2016, won the 2018 World Cup, and advanced to the semi-finals of Euro 2024. Despite the recent setback, his overall record speaks in his favour, and Diallo believes that Deschamps can guide France to future success.

Addressing the Critics

While some critics argue that a change in management might benefit the team, Diallo and the French Football Federation remain steadfast in their support for Deschamps. They point to his ability to build a cohesive team and navigate the pressures of major tournaments as key reasons for their continued faith in him.

Plans for the Future

With the 2026 World Cup on the horizon, Deschamps and his coaching staff will focus on preparing the team for the next major international competition. This includes identifying new talents, refining strategies, and ensuring that the squad is in peak condition for the challenges ahead.

Key Players Under Deschamps

Deschamps has nurtured several key players who have become integral to the national team. Stars like Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, and Paul Pogba have thrived under his management. Their continued development and performance will be crucial as France aims for success in future tournaments.

Building on Strengths and Addressing Weaknesses

Deschamps and his team will analyze the Euro 2024 campaign to identify areas for improvement. While the team has shown resilience and talent, certain weaknesses need to be addressed. Strengthening the defense, improving midfield cohesion, and enhancing goal-scoring efficiency will be top priorities.

Looking Ahead to the 2026 World Cup

The journey to the 2026 World Cup will involve a series of qualifying matches, friendlies, and tactical adjustments. Deschamps will need to balance integrating new players with maintaining the core of experienced individuals who have been part of his successful squads. This balance will be key to building a team capable of competing at the highest level.

Fans’ Perspective

The French football community remains divided on Deschamps’ future. While some fans support the decision to retain him, others believe a new direction is necessary. As the team prepares for the upcoming World Cup, fan support will play a vital role in boosting the players’ morale and confidence.


Despite the disappointment of the Euro 2024 semi-final exit, Didier Deschamps will continue as France’s manager. With the backing of Philippe Diallo and the French Football Federation, Deschamps has the opportunity to lead the team to further success. As preparations begin for the 2026 World Cup, all eyes will be on Deschamps and his squad to see if they can reclaim their position at the pinnacle of international football.