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Lionel Messi’s Potential Retirement, Scaloni Addresses Speculations


Messi Hints at Retirement After Copa America 2024

Argentina’s football fans are buzzing with speculation about Lionel Messi’s future. After Argentina’s 2-0 victory over Canada in the Copa America 2024 semi-final, Messi hinted at possible retirement. He mentioned that he is fighting his last battles for Argentina, sparking debates about his future in international football.

Scaloni’s Take on Messi’s Future

Lionel Scaloni, Argentina’s head coach, addressed these rumors in a recent interview. Scaloni emphasized that he respects Messi’s decision and will not try to influence it. He acknowledged Messi’s significant contribution to the team and expressed gratitude for the years of dedication and excellence Messi has shown on the field.

Angel Di Maria’s Retirement Announcement

Angel Di Maria, another key player for Argentina, has already announced his intention to retire from international football before the Copa America final. Di Maria’s decision adds another layer of emotion to Argentina’s quest for the Copa America title. Scaloni respects Di Maria’s choice and appreciates his contributions to the team.

Argentina’s Journey to the Copa America Final

Argentina is set to face a tough opponent in the Copa America final. The team is determined to retain their title, having defeated Brazil 1-0 in the 2021 final. This year’s squad, bolstered by their 2022 World Cup victory, aims to secure another major trophy.

Messi’s Legacy and Impact

Lionel Messi’s legacy in international football is unparalleled. His leadership and skill have been crucial in Argentina’s recent successes, including the World Cup win in 2022 and the Copa America triumph in 2021. Messi’s potential retirement marks the end of an era for Argentina, but his influence on the team and the sport will endure.

Scaloni’s Approach to the Final

Scaloni is focused on preparing his team for the final. He acknowledges the emotional weight of the upcoming match, especially with Messi and Di Maria’s potential retirements. Scaloni’s strategy involves leveraging the experience and talent of his players to secure a victory.

Key Players to Watch

Apart from Messi and Di Maria, several other players will be crucial in the final. Young talents like Lautaro Martinez and Rodrigo De Paul have shown great promise. Their performance will be vital in Argentina’s quest to retain the Copa America title.

The Importance of Team Spirit

Scaloni emphasizes the importance of team spirit and unity. The potential retirements of Messi and Di Maria add emotional significance to the final, but Scaloni believes that the team’s cohesion and collective effort will be key to their success.

Fans’ Reactions and Expectations

Fans are eagerly anticipating the Copa America final, with mixed emotions about Messi’s possible retirement. The anticipation of seeing Messi and Di Maria possibly play their last match adds a sense of urgency and excitement. Supporters are hopeful that the team can deliver a memorable performance and secure the title.


Lionel Scaloni’s respectful stance on Messi’s future highlights the strong bond and mutual respect within the Argentina team. As Messi and Di Maria potentially prepare for their final international match, Argentina is determined to give their best in the Copa America final. The upcoming match is not just a quest for silverware but also a celebration of the remarkable careers of two football legends.