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Tottenham crumble under corner pressure in heavy defeat to manchester city


Devastating Corner Strikes Spurs: IPL365 Cricket News

Tottenham Hotspur faced a devastating blow in their recent match as they were undone by a corner, highlighting their defensive vulnerability. Let’s delve into the details of this unexpected turn of events by IPL365 Cricket News.

Spurs’ Defensive Woes

Tottenham Hotspur, known for their attacking prowess, have struggled defensively in recent matches. Despite their offensive capabilities, they have been susceptible to conceding goals, especially from set-pieces such as corners. This weakness came to the forefront in their latest encounter.

The Critical Moment

In a crucial moment during the match, Tottenham conceded a goal from a corner kick. The opposition capitalized on this opportunity, delivering a well-executed set-piece that found its way into the back of the net. The inability to defend against such routine situations proved costly for Spurs.

Analysis of the Game

Upon analysis of the match, it became evident that Tottenham’s defensive organization faltered when dealing with corner kicks. Their failure to mark opponents effectively and clear the danger allowed the opposition to capitalize on this weakness and secure a crucial goal.

Manager’s Concerns

Tottenham’s manager expressed his concerns regarding the team’s defensive performance, particularly their vulnerability during set-piece situations. He emphasized the need for improvement in this aspect of their game to avoid conceding crucial goals and maintain a competitive edge in future matches.

Moving Forward

As Tottenham reflects on this disappointing result, they must address their defensive shortcomings and implement strategies to shore up their backline. With the season progressing, they cannot afford to continue conceding goals from avoidable situations such as corners.


The recent match saw Tottenham Hotspur succumb to defeat due to their vulnerability to corner kicks, highlighting an area of concern for the team. As they strive to rectify their defensive issues, Tottenham must regroup and focus on delivering improved performances in the upcoming fixtures.

This corner-induced setback serves as a reminder of the importance of defensive solidity in football, emphasizing the need for Tottenham Hotspur to shore up their backline and overcome this challenge in their quest for success.

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