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France Secures 1-0 Victory Over Austria in UEFA Euro 2024 Opener, Highlights and Key Moments


UEFA Euro 2024 Telecast continued on Monday afternoon with a highly-anticipated matchup between France and Austria. France superstar Kylian Mbappé returned to the international stage after winning the Golden Boot in the team’s runner-up effort in the 2022 World Cup. He’s looking to guide Les Bleus to their first major trophy since the 2018 World Cup but faced an injury scare after taking a shot to the head late in the match.

Here are the top moments from the match!

’89: France 1, Austria 0

Kylian Mbappé had to be treated on the field after suffering a facial injury. Despite the injury, he attempted to re-enter the pitch without the fourth referee’s permission and received a yellow card

’85: France 1, Austria 0

It was hustle plays like the one Mike Maignan made in the previous play and this amazing sprinting effort from N’Golo Kante that helped France remain in control of the game. Kante’s relentless energy and defensive prowess were crucial in maintaining France’s slim lead.

’78: France 1, Austria 0

Mike Maignan took a hard shot to the face while making a crucial save in the 78th minute. Despite the impact, Maignan managed to preserve his shutout, showcasing his resilience and determination to keep Austria from scoring.

’66: France 1, Austria 0

More frustration for France fans as the squad was unable to double its tally. A promising lead pass from Antoine Griezmann was slightly too strong for Theo Hernández to control, missing a golden opportunity to extend their lead.

’55: France 1, Austria 0

That one stings for Kylian Mbappé and France. Mbappé had a surefire goal but just misplaced a chip shot to the outside of the goalpost. The missed chance was a rare misstep for the star forward, who was otherwise a constant threat to Austria’s defense.

’49: France 1, Austria 0

Antoine Griezmann had an eventful couple of minutes to open up the second half. He crashed into the sideboard with a thud before losing his trademark headband just moments later. Despite the rough start, Griezmann continued to play with his usual flair and creativity.

’38: France 1, Austria 0

Good things happen when Kylian Mbappé gets into the penalty box. This goal went down as a self-inflicted wound for Austria, with a defender deflecting Mbappé’s cross into their own net. The pressure from Mbappé created chaos in the Austrian defense, leading to the game’s only goal.

’36: France 0, Austria 0

France kept Austria’s offense at bay in the first half, thanks to big stops like these from Mike Maignan. His quick reflexes and solid positioning helped hold Austria off the scoreboard, providing a strong foundation for France’s eventual victory.

‘8: France 0, Austria 0

Kylian Mbappé put pressure on Austria’s defense early, pushing the pace into the box before firing off a shot on goal. However, Austria’s goalkeeper Patrick Pentz was ready for it and thwarted the attempt away. Mbappé’s early aggression set the tone for France’s attacking play throughout the match.

France’s 1-0 victory over Austria in their UEFA Euro 2024 opener was a hard-fought battle, marked by moments of brilliance and resilience. Kylian Mbappé’s influence was undeniable, despite his late injury scare. The team’s solid defensive performance, highlighted by Mike Maignan’s crucial saves, ensured they started the tournament on a positive note.

As France looks ahead to their next match against the Netherlands, fans will be hoping for a swift recovery for Mbappé. His presence on the field is vital for France’s chances of securing their first major trophy since 2018. The win over Austria has set a strong foundation, and the team will aim to build on this success in their upcoming fixtures.