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Addressing England’s Weaknesses Ahead of UEFA Euro 2024


IPL365 Cricket News brings you insights into England’s weaknesses as they gear up for UEFA Euro 2024.

Defensive Fragility:

England’s defense has been a cause for concern in recent matches. Conceding soft goals has become a recurring issue, exposing vulnerabilities in their backline. The lack of communication and organization among defenders has led to costly errors, putting added pressure on the team.

Midfield Creativity:

In the midfield, England has struggled to dictate play and create scoring opportunities. There’s a noticeable absence of a playmaker who can unlock opposition defenses with incisive passes. This deficiency has hindered their ability to control the tempo of the game and transition effectively from defense to attack.

Set Piece Vulnerability:

Another area of weakness for England is defending set pieces. Despite their tall and physically imposing players, opponents have often outmaneuvered them in aerial duels, leading to conceding goals from corners and free-kicks. Improvements in marking and positioning during dead-ball situations are imperative to avoid conceding unnecessary goals.

Lack of Clinical Finishing:

England’s inability to convert scoring chances into goals has been a recurring theme. Despite creating promising opportunities, they have struggled to find the back of the net consistently. This profligacy in front of goal has cost them valuable points in crucial matches and needs to be addressed urgently.

Managerial Tactics:

Questions have been raised about the tactical approach employed by the coaching staff. There have been instances where the team has looked disjointed and devoid of a clear game plan. Adapting to different opposition styles and making effective in-game adjustments will be key to England’s success in the UEFA Euro 2024.


As England prepares for the UEFA Euro 2024, addressing these weaknesses will be paramount. With strong competition expected from other top teams, they must shore up their defense, enhance midfield creativity, improve set piece defending, sharpen their finishing, and refine their tactical strategies to stand a chance of lifting the trophy. Only by acknowledging and rectifying these weaknesses can England fulfill their potential on the international stage. Stay tuned to IPL365 Cricket News for all the latest updates on England’s Euro campaign.