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Pakistan Cricket Controversy: Shehzad Criticizes Rizwan Over ‘Brand Ambassador Of Islam’ Remark



In a recent press conference, Pakistan’s wicketkeeper-batter Mohammad Rizwan made a controversial claim, calling himself the “brand ambassador of Islam.” This statement has sparked a heated debate, with out-of-favor batter Ahmed Shehzad launching a scathing attack on Rizwan. The controversy revolves around Rizwan’s performance in the T20 World Cup and his use of religious identity to defend himself.

Rizwan’s Performance in the T20 World Cup

Mohammad Rizwan had a disappointing run in the recently concluded T20 World Cup. He managed to score only 110 runs at an average of 36.66, with a strike rate of 90.90. His underwhelming performance drew significant criticism from fans and cricket experts alike. In a press conference held in Peshawar, Rizwan acknowledged the justified criticism but diverted attention by labeling himself as the “brand ambassador of Islam.”

Rizwan’s Controversial Statement

During the press conference, Rizwan stated, “I believe that a human being is a brand ambassador of two things. If a person is a Muslim, he represents Islam wherever he goes. The second thing is that he is a brand ambassador of Pakistan. It doesn’t matter what anyone says.”

Ahmed Shehzad’s Response

Ahmed Shehzad, not part of the current squad, did not hold back in his criticism of Rizwan’s remarks. He accused Rizwan of using religion as a shield to justify his poor performance in the World Cup.

Shehzad said, “It is really disappointing that some players are hiding their poor performance in the World Cup by holding unnecessary press conferences and playing the religion card. Where does religion go when they lie about their fitness and when they admit they were acting on the field? Does religion teach you to deceive others and lie in the field? You are paid to perform on the field, and you join the grouping in the team instead. Religion teaches us to fulfill our responsibility with full determination and not to lie about our suffering.”

Shehzad’s Call for Action

Shehzad urged the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to take strict action against players who use such tactics to divert attention from their performance issues. He emphasized that the PCB Chairman, Mohsin Naqvi, should not forget his promise of making significant changes to the team.

Shehzad added, “We will not let PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi forget the big surgery he promised. Some players of the Pakistani team are now even mocking the chairman’s statement because they don’t care. But we will make sure that fans get their answers and action is taken against these players. We have taken a stand, and we will not back down until this Pakistan team is back on the right track.”

Previous Calls for Change

This controversy follows Shehzad’s earlier calls for the sacking of senior players in the team. He believes that only through strict measures and accountability can the team regain its former glory and ensure that players perform their duties with full dedication.

The debate sparked by Mohammad Rizwan’s remarks and Ahmed Shehzad’s subsequent criticism highlights the ongoing issues within the Pakistan cricket team. It underscores the need for accountability and performance-based selection. As the controversy continues, all eyes will be on the PCB and its actions to address these concerns and steer the team towards a more successful future.