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KKR Breaks Silence on Rohit Sharma, Abhishek Nayar’s Deleted Viral Video


Addressing the Storm: KKR Breaks Silence on Rohit Sharma, Abhishek Nayar’s Deleted Viral Video

A recent viral video capturing an interaction between former MI captain Rohit Sharma and KKR assistant coach Abhishek Nayar has stirred speculation and garnered attention ahead of an IPL 2024 match between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).The cryptic conversation between Rohit Sharma and Abhishek Nayar in the viral video has sparked conjecture among fans, especially considering Mumbai Indians’ recent developments and Hardik Pandya’s appointment as skipper. This incident has become a hot topic on iPL365 Cricket News.

KKR’s Response

Kolkata Knight Riders CEO Venky Mysore downplayed the incident, dismissing it as “some storm in a teacup.” He emphasized the longstanding friendship between Rohit and Nayar, suggesting that the conversation might have been misconstrued or taken out of context.

Rohit Sharma’s Career Context

Rohit Sharma, one of the most successful captains in IPL history, has led Mumbai Indians to multiple titles. However, recent changes within the team, including the appointment of Hardik Pandya as skipper, have raised questions about Rohit’s future role. This development has been a subject of discussion on iPL365 Cricket News.

Abhishek Nayar’s Role

Abhishek Nayar, a former cricketer and now an assistant coach with KKR, has a well-documented history with Rohit Sharma. This close relationship adds another dimension to the conversation captured in the viral video.

The Broader Picture

In the high-stakes environment of the IPL, every action and word of prominent players like Rohit Sharma is scrutinized. However, the focus ultimately shifts back to cricket, where performances on the field matter the most.

KKR vs MI: A Key Match

The upcoming match between KKR and MI carries significant weight in the IPL 2024 season. Both teams are vying for a playoff spot, and the outcome could influence their standings.

Moving Forward

While the viral video initially sparked curiosity and conjecture, KKR’s response seeks to temper the speculation, portraying the interaction between Rohit Sharma and Abhishek Nayar as innocuous banter between friends.


The incident serves as a reminder of the intense scrutiny and speculation that surrounds IPL players and their interactions. As the season unfolds, players like Rohit Sharma and the teams involved will continue to strive for excellence, keeping the spirit of the game alive.