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Indian Cricket Team Stranded in Barbados Due to Hurricane, BCCI’s Evacuation Plans


The triumphant Indian cricket team finds itself stranded in Barbados after a Category 4 hurricane hit the Caribbean islands early Monday morning. The severe weather has delayed their return home by at least another day. The team, led by Rohit Sharma, has been staying in a five-star hotel since their victory over South Africa in the T20 World Cup final on Saturday.

The Impact of the Hurricane

A powerful hurricane has lashed Barbados and nearby islands, causing life-threatening winds and severe storms. The island nation, home to nearly 300,000 people, went into lockdown on Sunday evening. As a result, the main international airport has been closed until further notice, and water and electricity supplies have been disrupted.

BCCI’s Response and Plans

BCCI secretary Jay Shah, who was in Barbados for the final, spoke about the situation. “Like you people, we are also stuck here. First, we need to see how to get the players and everyone out of here safely, and then we will think about the felicitation upon arrival in India,” he said.

The squad, along with top BCCI officials including Shah, was scheduled to depart for India via a charter flight on Monday. However, the closure of the airport has made this impossible. The BCCI is also working to evacuate the traveling Indian media from the hurricane-affected region.

Efforts to Secure a Safe Departure

The BCCI is in contact with multiple charter operators to arrange a flight as soon as conditions allow. “There was a charter flight we were trying for Monday, but the airport is shut, so that option is gone. We are in touch with multiple charter operators, but it all depends on the airport operations,” a source told PTI.

The current plan is to fly directly to India with a refueling stop either in the US or Europe. However, this is contingent on the reopening of the airport. “The airport is expected to remain shut till Tuesday afternoon. If the weather improves significantly, then it might open earlier. The wind speeds have to come down for flight operations to start. You can’t really fight with nature. We need to wait and see,” the source added.

Safety Precautions and Ongoing Updates

Safety remains the top priority for the BCCI and the Indian team. The officials are closely monitoring weather updates and airport announcements to ensure a safe departure. The team and the officials are well taken care of in their current accommodation, ensuring that they remain safe until they can leave.

The Indian cricket team’s return home has been delayed due to a severe hurricane in Barbados. The BCCI is actively working on arranging a safe evacuation for the players, officials, and media personnel. The situation highlights the unpredictable challenges posed by natural disasters and the importance of prioritizing safety in such scenarios. As the team waits for conditions to improve, fans back home eagerly anticipate their return and the celebrations that will follow their T20 World Cup triumph.