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Amid India Coach Rumours, Gautam Gambhir Hints at “Next Mission”


Will Gautam Gambhir be the next head coach of the Indian cricket team? This is a pressing question in Indian cricket as Rahul Dravid’s tenure nears its end with the IPL2024. The BCCI has indicated that the new head coach will take over from July 1. Speculation is rife, with several reports suggesting Gambhir as a top contender. In this article, we explore the rumours, Gambhir’s hints about his future, and the potential implications for Indian cricket.

The Search for the Next Indian Head Coach

Dravid’s Tenure Ending

Rahul Dravid’s role as head coach of the Indian cricket team concludes with the IPL2024. The BCCI’s press release has set July 1 as the start date for the new coach. This transition has sparked widespread speculation and interest among cricket enthusiasts and experts.

Gambhir as a Contender

Several reports have positioned Gautam Gambhir as a leading candidate for the head coach role. His recent success with the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the IPL2024, where he mentored the team to a title win, adds weight to these rumours. Gambhir’s leadership and strategic acumen have been widely praised, making him a compelling choice for the national team’s top job.

Gambhir’s “Next Mission”

Hints in Recent Interview

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Gambhir spoke about his aspirations and hinted at his future plans. When asked about KKR’s success, Gambhir said, “Today you are saying this because we have won our third trophy. But if you ask me, we are still two trophies away from MI and CSK. Today I am content, but again that hunger (is there) that you are still not the most successful team in the IPL2024. For that to happen, you need to win the IPL three more times, which will require a lot of hard work. So I think, the next mission is that, if we can make KKR the most successful team in the IPL. There won’t be any bigger feeling for me. But the journey abhi shuru hui hai (the journey has just started).”

Implications of Gambhir’s Statement

Gambhir’s comments suggest that he remains deeply committed to KKR and their future success. This raises questions about whether he would be willing to transition to the role of India’s head coach. His focus on making KKR the most successful team in IPL history could indicate his immediate priorities lie with the franchise.

Background Developments

Application Process and Deadlines

The official deadline for submitting applications for the Indian cricket team head coach was Monday. As the process concludes, speculation continues about the candidates and the selection criteria.

Insider Information

A report from Cricbuzz provided insights into the behind-the-scenes dynamics. It claimed that a “very high-profile owner of an IPL franchise, who is very close to the BCCI top brass” stated that the appointment of a former India star as head coach is a “done deal.” Furthermore, a “high profile commentator” indicated that serious efforts are being made to secure Gambhir for the role. However, the lack of an official announcement suggests ongoing negotiations.

BCCI’s Stance

Jay Shah’s Comments

BCCI secretary Jay Shah recently addressed the rumours, rejecting claims that the Board has approached any former Australian cricketer for the head coach position. He emphasized that the successor should have a “deep understanding” of the game’s structure in India, hinting strongly that the new coach will likely be an Indian. This aligns with the speculation around Gambhir’s potential appointment.

As the cricket world awaits the official announcement, the possibility of Gautam Gambhir becoming the next head coach of the Indian cricket team remains a topic of intense debate. His recent statements and the ongoing speculation highlight the complexity and high stakes involved in this decision. Whether Gambhir will transition from his current role with KKR to leading the national team is yet to be seen, but his impact on Indian cricket, in any capacity, is undeniable.

The coming weeks will be crucial as the BCCI finalizes its decision. Fans and analysts alike are eager to see how this chapter in Indian cricket unfolds, hoping for a leader who can guide the team to new heights in the global arena.