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Babar Azam a “Fake King” Pakistan Star Criticizes Skipper Amid T20 World Cup Struggles


Former Pakistan international batsman Ahmed Shehzad has launched a scathing critique of Pakistan captain Babar Azam, accusing him of poor performance and mishandling young talent. With Pakistan on the brink of elimination from the T20 World Cup2024, Shehzad’s comments have stirred controversy, comparing his own T20 World Cup2024 statistics to Babar’s and calling him a “Fake King.”

Babar Azam’s T20 World Cup Performance

Babar Azam’s Record:

  • Runs: 517 in 16 T20 World Cup games
  • Strike Rate: 112
  • Powerplay Performance: 205 balls faced, no sixes

His record in T20 World Cups has come under scrutiny. Despite accumulating 517 runs, his strike rate of 112 is considered below par for a player of his caliber. Particularly concerning is his inability to hit a single six during powerplays across these matches.

Ahmed Shehzad’s Critique

Comparison with Shehzad’s Stats

Ahmed Shehzad’s Record:

  • Runs: 250 in 9 T20 World Cup games
  • Strike Rate: 126
  • Notable Achievement: One century

Shehzad, in comparison, has a higher strike rate of 126 and has scored 250 runs in just 9 games, including a century. He believes he could have performed even better and argues that his stats are superior to Babar’s.

Shehzad’s Statements:

  • “I feel I could’ve done better than those stats. But your (Babar’s) stats are worse than mine.”
  • “You’ve faced 205 balls in powerplays in T20 World Cups, but you haven’t managed to hit one six!”

Accusations of Favoritism

Shehzad did not hold back in his criticism, accusing Babar of favoring friends over deserving domestic performers. He claimed that Babar’s decisions have undermined Pakistan’s domestic cricket structure.

Shehzad’s Criticisms:

  • “You destroyed the entire domestic structure. You sacrificed good performers in domestic cricket to adjust your friends in the team.”
  • “It was your responsibility to take care of Saim Ayub’s development, but now his career is over at such a young age.”

Impact on Young Players

Saim Ayub’s Case:

  • Age: 22
  • Criticism After: 25 games

Shehzad specifically blamed Babar for mishandling the development of 22-year-old batsman Saim Ayub, suggesting that Babar’s lack of support has prematurely ended Ayub’s career. Shehzad emphasized the responsibility Babar had in nurturing young talent.

Call for Accountability

With Pakistan facing a likely group stage exit, Shehzad has called on Babar to take responsibility for the team’s poor performance. He urged the skipper to acknowledge his shortcomings and apologize to the fans for failing to deliver a trophy.

Shehzad’s Appeal:

  • “The least you can do now is raise your hand, accept that you had the support and apologize for not being able to deliver a trophy for Pakistan.”


Ahmed Shehzad’s comments have intensified the scrutiny on Babar Azam’s leadership and performance. With Pakistan struggling in the 2024 T20 World Cup2024, the pressure on Babar is immense. Fans and critics alike are watching closely to see how the captain responds to these accusations and whether he can turn Pakistan’s fortunes around.